Outcomes Assessment-Dept of Chemistry
California State University Dominguez Hills

The outcomes assessment and goals program for the CSUDH Chemistry department is multifaceted. Overall program design and outcomes are based upon two primary sets of guidelines: 1)The undergraduate guidelines produced by the Committee of Professional Training of the American Chemical Society and 2)Program goals developed statewide by the combined efforts of all of the chemistry departments in the CSU System. Links which provide details from both of these groups are provided below. The chemistry programs goals (and the goals and outcomes of the individual courses) are addressed via a multidimensional integrative approach. This can be seen in the second, third and fourth links below which address the correlation of the overall program goals as well as specific skill attainments for all of the courses in the curriculum.

Program's Mission Statement
Undergraduate Program Guilelines-Committee on Professional Training-American Chemical Society (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Overall Program Goals
Correlation of Program goals with chemistry courses
Student Skill Expectations and Attainment