Chemistry 112-Grade Projector

The page projects the final course scores. It shows your totals and percentages. The various contributors(quizzes, exams, etc) are weighted as described in the class syllabus. The lowest five quizzes scores have been dropped. You have the option of inputting a grade on Exam 4 or using your average on the previous 3 exams. You may also view the class means by inputting zzzzz as the personal key. Disclaimer:This is intended solely for the entertainment of our audience. It is not the official grade record. The instructor is not bound by any values presented by the page, should they turn out to be the result of erroneous data or a miscalculation. You should compare the data displayed with your own records and bring any questions to my attention immediately(no later than 5pm, Thursday, May 14).
Updated 4/30-All scores and labs included
Personal Key(no spaces), zzzzz to display class means
Exam 4-leave blank to use exam average