Final Assignment

This assignment requires that you prepare an annotated bibliography on a topic which will be assigned once you enter your name and press the button below. Since this is the final assignment in Chemistry 460, you are expected to use the full breadth of reference sources presented this semester. One way to view this assignment is as if it were given to you at the start of your doctoral work and your director wanted you to do a complete background search before your own research begins. Your assignment will be evaluated on the basis of the breadth of the sources it encompasses, the syntax and the quality of the individual citations of which there should be no fewer than five and no more than ten. An annotated bibliography includes, in addition to the usual information about the source(author, journal, etc), a short summary of the information each source contains in a paragraph or two. Please make sure this assignment is word processed. To obtain your assignment, enter the first letter of your first name plus your last name all as a single word,all lowercase (for example, hpotter) and press the "Get the Last One!" button. The assignment will appear in a new window, as usual.
Enter your name, as described above